8 November 2017

1900 – Welcome by Yves Blais (Outset)

1905 – Introduction by Annie Jael Kwan

1915 – Introduction to ‘Radical Identities’ Panel – Melanie Keen (Director of Iniva)

1920 – Testimony For a Relic Traveller – Presentation by Larry Achiampong

In his presentation, Larry Achiampong will explore ideas of time-travel and futures, and their direct relationship with his practice. Particularly referencing his current project Relic Traveller, Achiampong will share the wider imaginaries of possibilities and agencies that are exposed as a result of this new Afrofuturistic pursuit.

1940 – When we pose the word “future” we are begged to ask the primary question who’s future and for whom? – Presentation by Jesse Jones

For the upcoming session of radical futures, Jones focuses on an idea of the future in opposition to the rational technological advancement paradigm of Capitalism, to explore a notion of the future that is demanded in the struggles of those who are most dispossessed by the injustices of our historical past and present. These ideas would be discussed through her recent work Tremble Tremble, made for the Pavilion of Ireland at the Venice Biennale. The work proposes a radical alternative to that law of Ireland in relation to women’s bodies.

2000 – Respondents – Cairo Clarke and James Ravinet

2010 – Q&A chaired by Melanie Keen (Director of Iniva)

2025 – Introduction to ‘Radical Institutions’ Panel – Candida Gertler, OBE (Co-Founder / Director of Outset)

2030 – The Universe, Recentered – Presentation by Adriel Luis (Curator of Digital and Emerging Media, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Centre)

For the marginalised, the future is often something that happens to us. From fictitious storytelling to scientific forecasts, those who have been excluded from mainstream retellings of history are also sidelines from ideas for what’s to come. To address this, in 2016, the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center commissioned over 40 artists and scholars to envision futures in which they have agency.

2055 – Respondents – George Vasey and Ying Tan

2110 – Q&A chaired by Candida Gertler, OBE (Co-Founder / Director of Outset

2130 – End